Here are some photos related directly or tangentially to my research in China. I’ve arranged them by location and date.

Chengdu, 2015-17. I spent my Fulbright year in the city of Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Among my favorite places were Qingyang Daoist Temple, and the Crane’s Call Tea Society (鹤鸣茶社), which is the largest of several teahouses in People’s Park:

I lived in a xiaoqu 小区 or small housing community with a courtyard, which is the basic community unit in urban China. My xiaoqu was on a market street, and I got around the city by electric scooter:


Jianshui, 2017. In January 2017 I took trains from Chengdu to visit an old friend in the town of Jianshui, Yunnan Province, where she has opened her own guesthouse. Jianshui 建水 is named for its wells dating as far back as the Yuan Dynasty, including the four-eyed well pictured here. I was also intrigued by Jianshui’s many colorful doorframes.


Gardze, 2016. In July 2016 my family took a trip to the Gardze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. I volunteered for a friend there in 2011, and this time we stayed with my friend in her off-the-grid ecolodge in the Lhagang grasslands as guests. My first visit to Lhagang in 2010 piqued my interest in the Kham region, which has turned into a years-long historical research project.

PhD Candidate, Modern Chinese History

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