I am an environmental historian of China and the world. In 2020-21 I am the CEAS Postdoctoral Associate in the Environmental Humanities at Yale University. My research also wades into the history of science and technology and the history of ethnicity. I am currently writing the manuscript for a book tentatively titled The Ecology of Assimilation in Republican China and Beyond that draws connections between agrarian ideology, environmental practice, and ethnic relations along the Chinese frontier during the early twentieth century.  I am beginning research toward a second book on the history of climate science. Both my first and second book projects stem from an interest in the relationship between agrarianism and nationalism in the modern world, particularly as these “-isms” pertain to everyday life.

I love teaching history and the environmental humanities. I’ve taught courses on East Asian Civilizations, Modern Asia, Modern China, and Chinese Revolutions. This year I am a co-instructor for the Topics in Environmental Humanities Graduate Workshop at Yale.

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