Scholarly Publications

  • 2016. “Planting and Its Discontents: Or How Nomads Produced Spaces of Resistance in China’s Erstwhile Xikang Province.” Resilience: A Journal of the Environmental Humanities 3, no. 1.
  • In progress: “Chinese Physiocracy: Kham as Laboratory for the Agrarian Theory of China.” This essay has been solicited as a chapter in an anticipated book on Kham and is still in the revisions stage.
  • In progress: “Hacking the Yak: The Chinese Effort to Improve a Tibetan Animal in the Early Twentieth Century”. I presented an earlier version of this paper at the American Society for Environmental History conference in 2015 and was invited by a journal to submit it for peer review as part of a special issue. This is still in the revisions stage.

PhD Candidate, Modern Chinese History

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