Editing Services

I am available as a freelance editor for much of the year. Here is some information on my services and rates.

My current status is: available starting August 2019.

What I offer: I can provide proof-reading and copy editing services for various genres of academic or non-academic writing. I advertise editing services for the following types of document.
–Application essays for grants, fellowships, and other types of competitions;
–Manuscripts to be submitted for publication;
–Application essays for graduate school or college;
–MA theses and PhD dissertations.

Additionally, I can provide bilingual help in Chinese and English, and I can offer guidance on translating concepts from Chinese into English.

What makes me qualified to be your editor? I have years of experience with various kinds of editing. As a teaching assistant at the University of Illinois, I reviewed hundreds of student essays and guided many of my students through revisions. I have also proofread or edited various kinds of essays for a number of students, friends and colleagues. Before graduate school, I spent one year working as a freelance editor for the Oxford English Dictionary–a job that involved intense, rapid proof-reading. Additionally, I am a published writer (peer-reviewed and otherwise) and have experienced the editing process from an author’s perspective quite a few times. I have a BA in linguistics and an MA in Asian Studies.

What I won’t do: I won’t write your essay for you. In all cases I adhere to the tenets of academic honesty, and I will help you ensure that your essay does too.

My rates: My standard rate for proof-reading is $3 per page, and my standard rate for copy-editing is $4 per page. Proof-reading involves minor corrections to a mostly-polished essay, while copy-editing may involve major corrections and is more time-consuming. If you are unsure whether you need proof-reading or copy-editing, feel free to contact me.

If your writing requires more time than usual, the rate may be slightly higher; in that case I will be sure to let you know before I start editing so that you can make a decision! Other kinds of services, such as translation help, may also incur additional costs.

Contact: You can use the following form to contact me; alternatively, you can write to me at mefrank2 [at] illinois [dot] edu.


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